Have you ever wished you had the same user-ID in all the major social services online?! Have you ever tried? Well … don’t!

I just tried. My criteria were: the same in Google, Twitter and Instagram, max seven letters, no numbers. The idea was also; if someone were to ask me ‘What’s your email addy?’, I’d be able to tell them without:

  1. spelling out a long word, that’s perhaps likely to be mistyped
  2. feel too embarrassed 🙂 [fluffymuffin was off the chart, and taken anyway]
  3. hopefully memorable

I started with all kinds of words in English but it didn’t matter how bizarre they were, they were all taken. So I switched to Latin. Tried most bones in the human body, and muscles too — same thing.

Sometimes I get like a dog with a rag … tenacious, stubborn. Any other person would have given up long time ago. With a little help from my husband, who’s well versed in Latin [I only know some medical stuff], we came up with forticula. My rule about seven letters was long gone by then.

I got it in all services except Twitter. I’ve added an e there. When all that was said done, of course I had to try and see if it was available in WordPress, and it was! Had it been taken here, I probably would have give up and started over.

So now I’ve ended up with a new blog site — whether I need it or not is questionable to say the least. Phew!

Now I can move on 😀


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